About e2c


“Number of children in the world – 2.2 billion. Number of children in the world living in poverty – 1 billion”.

That’s roughly one to one.

Every second child.

EverySecondChild.org (e2c) spotlights the issues surrounding childhood poverty by giving a platform to concerned photojournalists working in the field.

They’re your eyes to a world largely unseen.


All works contained in eversecondchild.org are copyrighted by their individual creator.

e2c co-creator Ken Hawkins has been a photojournalist since 1970 working globally for publications and agencies such as TIME, Fortune, SYGMA, Paris Match, Stern, OGGI, Newsweek ZUMAPress, ZUMAGreen and Wired. He has served on the boards of numerous nonprofit agencies relating to issues of social action and photojournalism. e2c’s co-creator Reggie Joiner is CEO and chief thinker of the ReThink Group.





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